Buying a Cell Phone Plan

By Courtney Turvold

What financial info do you need?

You need to know how much you make each month and the cost of all your other bills to see if you have enough money to purchase a cell phone plan.

What financial decision-making strategies can you use?

Some spending strategies:

- Do a Cost Comparison

- Do a Benefit Analysis

- Calculate the Future Expenses

Cost Comparison for Buying a Cell Phone Plan

Cost Comparison for buying a cell phone:

Heres the cost of a smart phone with unlimited talk, text and 2-3 GB of data between 3 different cell phone providers.

Verizon - $90/month

At&t - $65/month

T-Mobile - $60/month

Benefit Analysis

If I were to pay for the more expensive cell phone plan would it be beneficial for the better service?

Future Expenses

- New phone every 2 years

- Insurance on the phone

- Phone case

- Prices could change