Digital Citizenship 2015-2016

Brought to you by the Coppell Digital Learning Coaches


Traditionally, Digital Citizenship has been “taught” in the first few days of school along with technology orientation, rules, setup, on each CISD campus. We believe Digital Citizenship should be embedded into every learning experience. The conversation should be ongoing beyond the first days of school. In an attempt to support the achievement of this goal, the CISD DLCs have created a comprehensive plan that aligns CISD character traits to Digital Citizenship traits. The plan will empower educators to utilize focused resources provided to them on a monthly basis by DLCs into their lesson design in order to continually reinforce digital citizenship attributes that must be taught in order to form a well-rounded, productive future-ready global citizen. The Digital Citizenship plan supports Pinnacle 2020 Goal 5: We will design comprehensive learning services that empower all learners with skills and knowledge to ensure their individualized growth and success.
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Be on the lookout...

  • Each CISD educator will be enrolled in a Digital Citizenship Schoology course

  • Each trait will provide various resources for educators to use in their learning experiences, for example:

    • video

    • article

    • discussion points

  • Each month, educators will participate in a discussion board where we will celebrate their successes and implementation ideas
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