By: Emily Epstein Humphries 6th period


The Coniferous forest also known as the Taiga, is a cold and windy region.Trees there are hardwoods and evergreens that have adapted to drought-like conditions that happen in the harsh winter. Like the Tundra, the Taiga also has premafrost as soil. In the winter, the temperatures range from -15c to -30c! The average yearly precipitation is 10 to 20 inches.

How Do Humans Destroy The Taiga?

Deforestation -Extensive logging in the Taiga may soon cause their disappearance.

Acid rain-

Acid rain is also causing significant problems for the Taiga forests. Scientists have discovered that air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels is the major cause of acid rain.

Global Warming - Biologists and scientists think temperature changes over the next century may occur at rates 15 to 50 times faster than historical averages. Organisms will have trouble responding to these changes and will face even greater odds of surviving.Climatologists are also predicting that the area covered by the Taiga will be reduced by 50-90%.


How Do Humans Help?

Afforestation - Deforestation should be managed more carefully. Trees should be replanted in areas of deforestation.

Acid Rain - Scrubbers should be used to reduce pollution from factories releasing pollution into the atmosphere.


Interesting Fact

The Taiga supplies the bulk of the world's commercial softwood timber which is used to make paper. Another fact is in Canada, one acre of the forest is cut down every 12.9 seconds!

The Taiga Food Web

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