The Spectacular Field of Odontology

By Conner LaBreck

What is Odontology

Ontology is a field of work where someone who expertise in this field handles dental evidence to do with a crime scene investigation. The interest of justice then takes the results found by the odontologist and uses it for justice.

What do you need to Gain a Job in Odontology

Odontology is highly detailed, demands extremely fine motor skills and requires precision and accuracy. Complex equipment, including computers, microscopes and other technologies, are used in the identification process.

You will need a doctorate in Forensics in order to gain this job.

How does this field get used in Forensics?

  • Identify human remains that cannot be identified using face recognition, fingerprints or other means
  • Identify bodies in mass fatalities, such as plane crashes and natural disasters
  • Determine the source of bite mark injuries, in cases of assault or suspected abuse
  • Estimate the age of skeletal remains
  • Testify in cases of dental malpractice

Macon, Mississippi Case.

In Macon, Mississippi there was a girl who was murdered and was found with bite marks on her arm. A man was charged immediately after a dentist with a major of odontology examined the teeth. 3 years later an investigator found out that it was a man who previousy murdered another girl with the same bite marks. His name was Levon Brooks. This was also found out by an odontologist.