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Week of January 25th-29th

Our Week in Review!

This week in Language Arts, we....
  • Read our concept book "Animal Changes" and learned about animals that change as they grow such as a tadpole (turns into a frog) and a caterpillar (turns into a butterfly). Students then completed a graphic organizer where they illustrated the changes that several animals go through and then wrote a sentence explaining their illustrations!
  • Read our trade book "Farfallina and Marcel" and learned about the changes a caterpillar and a gosling go through as they grow! Students then completed a graphic organizer showing how Farfallina and Marcel both changed. In the story, both animals leave each other to go through their changes and then they are sad because they can't find each other, when in fact they see each other, but can't recognize one another! Students then made a text to self connection and wrote about a time that they were sad when someone left!
  • learned about short /o/ and read "Todd's Odd Day." We identified the short /o/ words in the story and made a web of short /o/ words! We then learned about long /o/ and read "At Home with Mole and Toad." We identified long /o/ words in the story and made a web of long /o/ words! We also learned the /oo/ sound by reading the book "Goo, Goo!" We then identified words that have the /oo/ sound!
  • We had reading groups and literacy centers!
  • We learned the two sight words "look" and "see!"

This week in Math, we...

  • took our time to the hour test!
  • learned about the penny and how to count by ones!
  • learned about the dime and how to count by tens!
  • rotated through money math centers where we learned to identify the heads and tails sides of a penny and dime, practiced counting by ones and tens, and practiced "shopping" for items!

Star Sailor Elliott!

This week, we learned a lot about our Star Sailor, Elliott! Check out the highlights of his week!

  • On Tuesday, Elliott shared his "All About Me" poster and we learned that his favorite place is the beach! Elliott also shared his favorite book, "The Day the Crayons Came Home!"
  • On Wednesday, Elliott shared his favorite song "All About that Bass" by Meghan Trainor!
  • On Thursday, Elliott shared his favorite snack, chocolate sandwich crackers!
  • On Friday, we made a Star Sailor book for Elliott!

We loved learning about you this week!!!

Kindness Week!

This week at CBA, we celebrated Kindness Week! Check out all the great things we did to learn about kindness and what we did to show it!

  • On Tuesday, we read "A Sick Day for Amos McGee" and "Trouble With Friends." We then spoke about how the characters in the book showed kindness! We then wrote compliments about each other on post its and added them to our class compliment bag! Students also wrote a post it sharing a kind activity or statement on it and then they went and hung it in the hallway to share with the rest of the school!
  • On Wednesday, we read "Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch" and continued to add compliments to our class compliment bag! We also identified ways to show kindness and wrote them on paper chains, which we connected together to make a class kindness chain, which was added to the school kindness chain hanging in the hallway!
  • On Thursday, we made a coupon book for our parents of things we can do for them at home!
  • On Friday, we paired up with Third Grade for "Kindness Buddies"! Students were paired up with a third grader and they worked together on the ipads to learn about new apps and games! We had a great time!
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Week of February 1st
Phonics: Short and Long /u/
Language Arts: Groundhog Day, 100th Day, Reading Groups and Literacy Centers
Math: Subtraction
Social Studies/Science: Penguins

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February 3rd and 4th is Parent/Teacher Conferences! Sign Up for a conference by clicking here!
February 5th is the 100th Day of School!
February 5th at 6:30pm is Barnes and Noble Night in Exton! Come support CBA!
February 5th is also Dress Down in your Football Gear Spirit Day!