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Welcome to the first edition of Collins' Tech Bytes. This bi-weekly publication will focus on bringing technology updates such as changes to logging in to remote server and instructional resources such as how to use applications (or apps) like Kahoot in your classrooms.

In This Issue...


Terminal Server / Home Access

Over the summer our terminal server district employees use to connect to district resources and services was upgraded. Due to this change, we are now required to make a minor change how we log in. In part of the upgrade, a few issues were discovered that slowed down the server including Google Chrome and employees using PST (backup personal Outlook files). To keep the terminal server working at peak efficiency, Google Chrome has been removed and employees will use a web link to access their email (a web version of Outlook). The terminal server is now faster and able to handle the work load. Please look for an email from Ms. Marshall and or your science/ technology representative for instructions to connect to Home Access. If you have issues, please contact Technology Services.

Google Accounts

Another change the district has undergone is accessing your Google services. In the past staff logging into eChalk then clicked on their Google Docs to access their Google services. That is no longer the case. Teachers now go to any Google service such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc. They click sign in and use their new google email address to sign in. If you do not know your username, please contact your science/technology representative or technology specialist


This year our campus will begin to use OneNote. OneNote is a digital notebook. It organizes information in tabs and sections similar to a binder. The purpose is to have important information in one location for quick access. This will also hopefully cut down the use of printing multiple copies of one document. There are currently two OneNote notebooks. One is Campus Information 2015-16 which holds information such as schedules, maps, directories and procedures. You can access it by going to common drive then15_16_Information then 15_16_OneNote Notebooks then double Campus Information 2015 and finally double click "Calendars". This will open up the whole notebook. The second OneNote notebook is "Technology" which holds information such as How-To's. You can access it by going to the common drive then Technology then Technology and finally double click on "Contacts". Both notebooks will have information added to it throughout the year.

Spotlight App


One of the biggest issues primary teachers have stated for younger students to write on the computer is the length of time it takes for students to type. TalkTyper is an online site that allows students to talk into a microphone attached to the computer and have their speech converted into text. The text can then be copied and pasted into any other program such as Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. The text can also be pasted into online classroom blogs and discussion boards such as eChalk, Edmodo and Google Classroom. If you want to give the site a try, go to

Technology Assistance

This school year the district is pushing hard for technology specialists to be technology integrationists. Even though this has always been the charge, tech specialists have traditionally done more troubleshooting. We understand it is much easier to talk to the person on your campus for an issue you are having then to call someone who may or may not resolve your issue in a timely manner. With that in mind, I will stress the use of the "What To Do When" chart that lists potential issues and points you to the right contact, and the use of science/technology representatives. The following link will be the mode of communication to ask for my assistance which includes, asking for replacement cables, setting up OnCourse accounts, or requesting technology integration lessons.

Technology Assistance Request Link

Remember, requests such as network password reset, installation of applications, PC malfunctions should still be done with a phone call to Tech Services.