Plasma membrane and Cell transport

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Terms for the Plasma Membrane

Hydrophilic - attracted to water ( Polar Head)

Hydrophobic - fears water ( Nonpolar tails )

Fluid-Mosaic Model - Proteins embedded in the membrane for a mosaic with in the phospholipid bilayer

Cholesterol - steroids that help support the membrane

Glycolipid & Glycoproteins - lipid and proteins with carbohydrate chains attached

Channel Protein - have channels that let molecules to move across the membrane.

Carrier Proteins - combines with a molecules to help it move across the membrane

Descriptions of Key Processes

Concentration gradient - gradual decrease in concentration over a distance ( high--> to low)

Simple Diffusion - movement of particles from high concentration to low concentration until equilibrium occurs

Facilitated Diffusion - certain molecules cross membranes by binding with a carrier protein

Osmosis - diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane until equilibrium occurs

Solute - material in lower concentration

Solvent - material in higher concentration

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