Put Invisible Man Back in Education

This is a Book Worth Reading

Why was it baned in the first place?

Invisible man was challenged originally because of its dealing with the then controversial issue of racial discrimination and unequal rights. This was back in 1952 when the equal rights act had not been passed and segregation was still in place. Since this time there has been so much progress on this issue that it is almost nonexistent.

Why it is still baned?

Invisible man was challanged and baned back when the issue of racial discremination and rights was still a major issue. Today this issue has seriously subsided and almost completely gone away so is it logical that it is still baned?

Key points to why the ban is no longer needed.

But the Book Back in the School Curriculum.

How to Help

Please help put this worthy book back in our children's schools. You can help by signing the petition, coming to board meetings, and voting in the upcoming local election for candidates that promise to remove the ban.