Hunger Service Learning Project

By: Camrin Wong, Steve Koshy, Danil Zhuravel, Nathan Hughes

Monday 12/8/14

Our plan: We are hosting a fundraiser to raise money for hunger causes and diseases that hunger creates through this page! Our goal is to raise $500 for hunger relief. We believe that those who starve don't choose to live a life of poverty and starvation, so we choose to do whatever we can to help them! We will be putting up flyers around our school (Coppell High School) to raise awareness. We will also be trying to raise awareness through social media as well so more and more people become involved and they will get others involved which starts a chain reaction.

Tuesday 12/9/14

Our view on hunger

Wednesday 12/10/14

What we are going to do to help

Thursday 12/11/14

We are currently working on getting this organization out there so more people see the importance of ending hunger, and having an announcment at school so hunger awareness is out there. We will be using social media as a catalyst to help spread this cause to people all over. We'll be contacting our teachers from the past in middle school and hoping they can contribute as well!

Friday 12/12/14

Views on Hunger

Monday 12/15/14

Those are again fellow classmates and it shows how they feel about hunger and how they would want to handle it. For our future impact, we plan to spread the work about this organization and about hunger causes in general. We will tweet about this cause to help others be aware of the cause and hopefully they will learn more about it and encourage others, and a chain effect will start so more and more people know. We will try and get our videos and links to as many people as we can through social media and such. Hopefully we can get the word to adults as well so they can spread it to their friends and this will hopefully start getting people more aware.
Views on Hunger Part 2

Tuesday 12/16/14

How we are going to make a lasting effect: We plan to spread awareness through relatives, past teachers, and social media. Hopefully some people it reaches decide to spread it to their friends and relatives and so on which starts a chain reaction and it spreads throughout the area. We will continue to spread this link so this cause and organization doesn't go to waste and to help raise money to support hunger and diseases caused from hunger. We hope you are one of those people who spread the word about hunger throughout the world and this website/organization! Please help raise awareness for this cause! Thanks for reading!
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