Inclusion LAB - First steps

4-12.08.2017 Zakopane, Poland

Project background

The “Inclusion LAB” is meant as a capacity building project serving, directly, partner organisations and their youth workers and, indirectly, young people from our local communities who are facing exclusion and discrimination.

At organisational level we recognised the need to enable youth workers (staff and volunteers) to get a deeper understanding of the phenomena of exclusion, it effects on young people and the possible solutions to address this. We also agreed that it is equally important to equip them with educational competences that would support them in building comprehensive, pertinent and efficient activities for the young people in our communities.

At the community level, the “Inclusion LAB” is a means to better serve the young people facing exclusion because it would allow youth workers to design higher quality educational projects through which we can address: young people with migrant background, youngsters from rural areas, minorities and other target groups our partners are working with,

The overall project’s aim is to improve the capacity of youth workers from our organisations to implement educational activities that respond to situations of exclusion of young people.

In order to achieve this, the following main objectives have been foreseen:

- to raise awareness about the various realities of exclusion that young people are the subject of in our communities and to further discuss the phenomena;

- to explore the potential and role of non-formal and experiential learning in addressing situations of exclusion faced by young people;

- to develop participants’ capacity to plan, implement, review and evaluate educational activities based on the experiential approach and tackling issues of exclusion;

- to enable participants to adapt methods and techniques for the target groups they are working within their own communities.

The project consists of 2 Training of Trainers, which will be held in dates 4-12.08.2017 and 1-9.12.2017 in Zakopane, Poland. 24 participants from 12 countries (2 per partner organisation), 2 trainers and 1 support staff will take part in each training.


24 youth workers, youth leaders, teachers from 12 countries, who:

  • are 20 and more (in case if you have younger youth worker please contact Łukasz Teofilak),
  • employees, youth workers, volunteers coming from partner organisations,
  • are ready to spread the results created within this project,
  • are ready to participate full 8 days of the training,
  • can express thoughts freely in English, as the main activities will be held in English
  • are able to run educational activities ranging from workshops to training courses, from coaching sessions to competence development activities.
  • are able to participate in the second training course "Inclusion LAB - Advanced steps" which will be held from 1st to 9th of December 2017 in Zakopane, Poland


You will be accommodated in Willa Józef in Zakopane.

Our venue is located in Polish mountains region called Podhale.

You will be staying in 2-3 shared rooms with bathrooms; wifi is available in the hotel area.

There is a sauna in the venue, but organisers don't cover this expense.

The workshops will take place in the building just 20 meters away from our Willa.

The address of the venue:

Willa Józef

Harenda 34

34-500 Zakopane

Phone (+48) 18 20 68 671

Mobile (+48) 601 464 274


Pictures available here (unfortunately the web is only in Polish):

Arrivals and departures

The training will consist of 8 days of the program (4th – 11th of August). All the participants are expected to attend the full program.

Arrival day is 4th of August. We will organize a shuttle bus from Cracow at 5:00 pm from the city center, so please arrive at Cracow airport the latest at 4 pm.

Note: 5th of May we will start with the activities in the morning. We kindly ask you to arrive at the venue the night before. We will try to begin with a common dinner and

depend on how many of you will manage to join us, to have welcome evening and 2 or 3 welcome activities.

Departure day is 12th of August. 11th of August is still activity day!

Arriving by plane:

Warsaw, Katowice and Kraków airports are possible but Krakow is most convenient one as Zakopane is just 100km remote from Krakow. There is a possibility that the transportation from Kraków will be arranged by the organisers depending on what

time and how many of you decides to land or come there. As soon as your flights, buses and trains details are known, the organisers' team will provide you with further information about the transportation.

Before arranging any travel, please contact Łukasz Teofilak ( in order to advise you best itinerary.

It is allowed to come 2 days earlier or stay 2 more days after the TC, having on mind that in this case accommodation and meals for additional days will not be covered by the organisers team and you would need to pay by your own. Travel costs are reimbursed independently.

Travel cost and reimbursement

Our project is financed by Erasmus + Programme.

Accommodation and food will be provided by organisers. Travel costs will be covered up to maximum limit according to the funding rules of Erasmus + Programme based on Erasmus+ distance calculator as follows (cost per participant):

Albania 275 EUR

Estonia 275 EUR

France 275 EUR

Georgia 360 EUR

Macedonia 275 EUR

Cyprus 275 EUR

Russia 275 EUR

Romania 275 EUR

Ukraine 275 EUR

Kosovo 275 EUR

Poland180 EUR

Bulgaria 275 EUR

Hosting organisation is asking NO participation fee.

Please note, that in order to be reimbursed you need to keep all your recipes, invoices and tickets. (or travel or visa) As soon as you have them, please send copies or electronic tickets to

You will need to provide all these documents to organisers, if possible during the training, in order to avail of any travel reimbursement. Reimbursement will be done only based on originals of the tickets.

Reimbursement will be done according to the real costs participants spend but no more than the limit set by Erasmus+ rules.

Visa and visa related costs will be also reimbursed according to documents provided to organisers.


The currency in Poland is Polish Zloty (PLN)

1EUR = 4,2 ZŁ (approximately).

Bottle of water: 1-3 ZŁ (0,5L)

A juice in a cafe: 5-7ZŁ

sandwich: 3-10 ZŁ

espresso in a cafe: 6ZŁ

Credit cards

Most major credit cards (DINERS, AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA AND MASTERCARD/EUROCARD) can be used for payments wherever noticed., As a rule in most major hotels, shops and restaurants.

It is recommended for you to exchange your money before arriving in Zakopane.

Climate and weather

In August in Poland, the average temperature is 18 degrees but it

might happen that it will be much higher.

In the mountains, the weather can be tricky so be prepared also for colder days or even rainy days.

Up-to-date information about the weather will be posted on fb group of the project.


You should self-organize your accommodation in case of early arrivals or late departures.

Obtaining a full insurance (travel risks, medical, injuries) is the participant responsibility,

please take your insurance card with you. About any changes, you will be updated by organisers via e-mail.

An intercultural evening is planned to happen, we encourage you to bring some food and beverages to taste and prepare 1-2 national dance or interactive games (powerpoint

presentation is not interactive at all! ). If you play any instrument you are also more than welcome to take it with you.

For the purpose of ngo fair, which is planned, feel free to bring some materials (like business cards, booklets, leaflets, posters...) about your sending organisation and... simply network with each other!

Useful links - Poland's Official Travel Website - Tourism information about Krakow - Website about Zakopane - Krakow airport website - Weather in Poland - Useful expressions in polish language


Hosting organization

Fundacja Instytut Innowacji

ul. Miedziana 11,

00-835 Warszawa, Poland


“The European Commission support for the production of this document does not constitute endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.”
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