By: Eva Welborn & Dillon Finley

Where it started?

Hinduism was created by the mix of of ideas from Persians and other kingdoms in Central Asia. They don't know where the religion was started. The religion was created out of the mixed ideas and theories.

Who is the creator?

There is no creator. Hinduism was created through a series of lots of different ideas. It just sort of came to be, but no one can take the credit for creating it, because everyone contributed.

What are some of the basic beliefs of Hinduism?

Since, Hinduism worships many gods, they are a polytheistic religion. They have 3 main gods (Brahma, Siva, and Vishnu). They believe all 3 gods were only the spirit version of Brahman. Brahman preserved the earth. Hindus teachings say that everyone and everything has a soul.

Where did Hinduism spread?

All over India and Central Asia. The religion was carry through the fact that the religion was a combination of ideas. The religion was started there and wasn't spread around very much apart from that.