Web 2.0

The new technology popping up everyday..


Fotobabble.com is a website where you can take or find a picture on the web and give it humanlike characteristics, make it say what you want it to say, and add effects. Fotobabble is very simple, yet can be used in the classroom as a very good thing to teach others about certain topics, yet being entertaining. It may sound complicated, but all you do is upload a photo, record your voice, and save and share! That is all you have to do to create an informational and entertaining project. http://www.fotobabble.com/media/edit/201252


Symbaloo is a fast, easy, and creative website where you add links to the website. Then you set the website up as the page that you use to go onto the internet. And BAM all of your websites are hooked up to one website!


Wordle, Smore, and Blabberize

Web 2.0 -the new kind of web-

Big Huge Labs

BigHugeLabs.com is a website where you can make things such as puzzles with your picture in them, movie posters, maps, movie tickets, and other things like that. http://bighugelabs.com

Web 2.0

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