Life Without Limb-Its

The story of Nick Vujicic

What would you do if you were born congenitally amputated, a condition in which you are born with missing/deformed limbs? Nick Vujicic decided to change the world.

Nick as a Child-

Nicholas Vujicic, born December 4, 1982, was born in Melbourne, Australia. He was also born missing all of his limbs, which happens to be a 1 in 2000 chance, so Nick’s parents, Dushka and Boris Vujicic, were in a state of absolute shock. Nick’s mother, a nurse, said she didn't do anything she shouldn't have, and Nick’s father went into the hall to puke. But just because of condition, don't think he wasn't loved. In fact, his parents loved him even more for who he was. Fast forward to Elementary school. Nick was attending Keilor Downs Primary School, meaning a public school. Most people like Nick get homeschooled, but Nick’s parents insisted him to go to a public school. Nick was often bullied and teased, and wasn't treated like an equal by his peers. Nick went into depression, wishing he didn't exist, begging God for him to grow limbs, and even having suicidal thoughts. At the age of 10, Nick tried to drown himself in the bathtub, but his caring parents stopped him immediately - they couldn't afford to lose him. In seventh grade, Nick was voted school captain, and again in high school. This really boosted his confidence, the fact that some of his peers looked up to him, even if in a small way. To say the least, Nick had a very up-down school life.

Congenital Amputation-

Now, a little background information about congenital amputation. Congenital amputation, a rare state when a child is born without proper limbs. Normally, the chance is approximately 1 in 2000, but some points in history have had increased chances. One example is in the 1960’s, when pregnant women were given a tranquilizer which contained thalidomide, which increase the chances of having a congenitally amputated child. Another was when Chernobyl, another chemical that increases the chances, was radiating in Russia. Needless to say, congenital amputation is awful, but not common in the slightest. Unfortunately for the Vujicic family, Nick was the 1 in 2000.

Nick Today-

Nick decided who he was going to be when he saw someone on TV, who had a similar condition to Nick, doing important things in his life and inspired many people, especially Nick. It was then and there when Nick decided what he wanted to do in life. He wanted to inspire people to do whatever they wanted to be and do. “I was born this way, and nobody can change that. But I can change other people's lives, and make people feel like they are who they are,” Nick once said at a school in Florida, where he was being a guest speaker. Nick is now an inspirational speaker, where he travels across the world. He has also written three bestselling books; Life without Limits, Stand Strong, and Unstoppable. He and his wife, Kanae Miyahara, have two children, both perfectly healthy; Kiyoshi and Dejan, born in 2013 and 2015. Nick’s family lives in Los Angeles, California, in a nice two-story house near the beach, and he is very happy.

Nick Vujicic was born differently, but he took advantage of that and changed the world. Everyone is different and everyone has a purpose in life. One day, you will find that purpose, and you will follow it, and change the world, even if in a small way. Keep going and find that purpose; change the world.


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