Debbie Cohn

Debbie Cohn: United States Public Official

Debbie Cohn

As a leader within the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Debbie Cohn serves the public with both pride and distinction, and consistently demonstrates an unwavering passion and dedication to public service. A three decade long member of the USPTO, Debbie Cohn has served admirably in several organizational positions, and has been proud to have been considered for, and to have received, the position of Commissioner for Trademarks. Deborah Cohn is retiring in January, 2015.

Debbie Cohn: From Examining Attorney to USPTO Commissioner for Trademarks

Debbie Cohn’s career with the United States Patent and Trademark Office began shortly after her graduation from law school. Joining the USPTO as a Trademark Examining Attorney in 1983, Cohn began what would become a lengthy and very successful career with the organization, one that continues to this day.

As a USPTO Trademark Examining Attorney, Debbie Cohn provided both efficient and effective service for more than five years. Charged with the examination of applications for trademark registration, the production of legal briefs and presentation of oral arguments before the Trademark, Trial and Appeal Board and the responsibility of special details and projects with both the Assistant Commissioner and the Office of the Solicitor, Cohn performed the functions of her position admirably. Her hard work and exemplary service as Examining Attorney earned her the position of Managing Attorney in 1988.

As Managing Attorney, Debbie Cohn was responsible for the management of all aspects of the trademark examination law office, as well as the supervision and review of 25 examining attorneys. She provided expert training and mentorship to incoming attorneys, advisement and assistance to attorneys on difficult cases, and was a Fellow on the Council of Excellence in Government. Her hard work and considerable management skill would eventually earn her the position of Trademark Law Offices Group Director, a position she would hold, and enjoy success in, from 1998 to 2005.

Cohn’s experience and skill as Group Director would lead to her position as Deputy Commissioner for Trademark Operations (2005-2010), as well as her current position as USPTO Commissioner for Trademarks. Deborah Cohn is retiring in January, 2015.

Debbie Cohn - Management and Leadership Skill and Experience

Debbie Cohn is well-known for her ability to provide expert leadership, management and guidance to a professional organization. As a longtime member of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as an exemplary attorney and leader within the organization’s Trademark division, Cohn has proven herself to be a skilled team manager, capable to performing the multiple and varied responsibilities of a leadership position up to and beyond expectations.

Debbie Cohn, now Commissioner for Trademarks for the USPTO, is responsible for the management, leadership, direction and guidance of a 700 plus member organization, a position she has earned through considerable success within the USPTO as well as the continual demonstration of leadership capability in multiple leadership positions. Starting as a Trademark Examining Attorney in 1983, Cohn has continually moved up through the USPTO ranks, becoming a Managing Attorney in 1988, the Trademark Law Offices Group Director in 1998 and the Deputy Commissioner for Trademark Operations in 2005. She has performed at such a high level as Deputy Commissioner, in fact, that she earned the opportunity to serve as Acting Chief Administrative Officer on two separate occasions, once between 2008 and 2009 and another in 2010.

Debbie Cohn is recognized by many colleagues and peers as someone who isn’t afraid of taking on the challenges of a leadership position within an important public institution. She is proud not only of the work she has performed within the USPTO, but also of her opportunity to play a role in ensuring the continued function and efficiency of the United States intellectual property system, which has been so crucial in the protection and progress of invention and the useful arts since 1790.

Debbie Cohn - Valued United States Trademark Attorney

Debbie Cohn has been valued trademark attorney within the United States Patent and Trademark Office for more than three decades, providing an element of foresight, perseverance and creativity to the organization since 1983. With extensive experience as an Examining Trademark Attorney, a Managing Attorney and more, Cohn has continually proven a knack for innovation, expert guidance and leadership that has been instrumental to the continued function and operation of the USPTO.

Debbie Cohn has been recognized for her leadership moving towards and implementing the first USPTO telework program. The Trademark Work at Home program, or TWAH, was first implemented in 1997, and has served as a model throughout various federal government agencies ever since. As an award-winning program, Telework has provided the public sector an amazing opportunity to solve numerous continuity-of-operations issues, and to bring the federal government closer to the private sector in terms of efficiency and workforce productivity.

As a pioneer of the telework program, Debbie Cohn was honored to have received the Telework Driver Award in 2007. She is also a past recipient of the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Service, an honor she also received in 2007 for her demonstrated ability to lead, to serve with integrity and for her relentless commitment to excellence in public service. Cohn received both honors as then-Deputy Commissioner for Trademark Operations at the USPTO.

Cohn has shown a strong commitment to both public service, and to the United States Patent and Trademark Office throughout her 30 year career, and continues to demonstrate her ability to both lead and to perform at a very high level.

Debbie Cohn - Commissioner of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Debbie Cohn is the Commissioner of the United Stated Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). She rose to the USPTO’s highest position after working there for 27 years. She joined the USPTO in 1983 as a Trademark Examining Attorney. She gradually rose in the ranks due to her competence and work ethic to the Office’s highest position in 2010.

Debbie Cohn earned a Juris Doctor Degree from George Mason University in 1982. She studied Psychology as an undergraduate and performed graduate studies at the City University of New York, Hunter College between 1975 and 1976. She was hired because of her excellent academic record and her graduate work by the USPTO in 1983 as an entry-level Trademark Examining Attorney.

Cohn’s duties included examining applications for trademark registration to determine whether or not the application complied with the Lanham Act and Rules Practice. She also wrote legal briefs and presented oral presentations and arguments to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Cohn also worked closely with the Assistant Commissioner and Office of the Solicitor. Although the work was tedious at times, Cohn stayed with it for five years until she got a promotion Managing Attorney in 1988.

Debbie Cohn rose through the ranks of USPTO working through the tough days and never giving up, no matter what her responsibilities were. She has always felt responsibility to her co-workers, both on her level, below her, and above her to do the best job she can in all capacities. Because of this, Cohn has earned the highest position in the USPTO.