By: Veronica Roth

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In the novel Allegiant, there are characters that live in a city made up by the Bureau of genetic welfare to correct humans genes and make them "pure". Tris and Four some of the main characters in this novel find about this outside city and get out of the city that they were in. When they get out they find that there is a lot of different stuff outside of their city and that the Bureau was responsible for millions of deaths in their city. Later on in this book the main characters have to fight the Bureau to save every persons memory in their city from getting erased.

Characters Tris Prior

A main character in this novel is Tris Prior. Tris is connected to the plot because, in her city where she comes from they were doing an experiment because in the outside world people were doing horrible things so they started the experiment to fix people and correct their non pure genes into pure ones. Tris has pure genes and after they get out of there city, Tris has to help save her city from having all of the people in there getting their memory erased with some other people.

Four (Tobias Eaton)

Another main character in this novel is Four. Four is connected to this novel because he and Tris have to save their former city with the help of others. Four's position in helping them do this is he has to go get some people from in the city and get them out and he has to give one of his parents memory serum so the city won't get destroyed.


In the beginning the setting for Allegiant is in Erudite headquarters. This is the setting because Tris did something that was acting like a traitor to her faction. And because she did this she was put in jail in Erudite headquarters. Later the setting is in the Bureau of genetic welfare

About the Author Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth was born in New York, but mostly grew up in Barrington, Illinois. When she graduated high school she went to Carleton College in Minnesota. After one year in this college she went to Northwestern University in Illinois where when she graduated she got a degree in writing. Divergent was her first novel in a series including Insurgent and Allegiant. This series won her awards some of the awards she won was, the Goodreads award in 2011 and the Best of 2012 in Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction. In 2013, Roth released and book of short stories that was told from the perspective of Four a main character in the divergent series.


This novel Allegiant and the other novel in the Divergent series Insurgent have some similarities and differences. They are similar because they have most of the main characters in their stories and they both kind of follow the same storyline. Some of the differences between those novels is, that in Allegiant there is a character named David and he isn't in Insurgent. Jeanine Matthews isn't in Allegiant either. I think that the best novel that I read between these two was Allegiant because it has a lot more action and a lot of things change in Allegiant.


The thing that makes Allegiant great is that it is detailed and has a pretty good story line and you can get really wrapped into the characters. Others should read this novel because it is fantastic. In this book the author divided it up into sections with Four and Tris as the narrator's. Which I really liked because, I like to read from not one but other characters perspectives. The ending is a little sad but I liked the way the author ended it because it shows what the character learned and what her parents were trying to teach her.