Black Holes

By Dalton J

What is a Black Hole?

A black hole is something that can form when a star dies and explodes. When the star explodes only the core is left and the gravity that was there. The particles then start to collide and create energy. When there is a lot of particles in a small area they start to create gravity and it gets so strong that not even light can escape when it gets sucked in. Black holes can be either super massive or stellar mass. Stellar mass is just a few times heavier than the sun and super massive is about as heavy as a small galaxy.
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Gravity is a byproduct of the three fundamental forces the electromagnetic, the weak, and the strong. Gravity is the only force that can not be detected by anything. when a star explodes gravity takes over and starts getting stronger and stronger and stronger. At its strongest point not even light can escape from the center of the black hole.
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Black holes behaving badly

When a black hole forms scientists can not see it, they can only see the particles moving around. Black holes like to move around a lot and suck in other stars. As they grow they start to suck more and more stuff in and the more stuff they suck in the bigger they get and the stronger they get. They will start sucking stuff in and not die.

They are made out of the core of old stars that died and exploded. They are just particles and matter that never ends and just keeps sucking stuff in.

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