My family.

My family partners.

My family.

In my family I have four people in my family. I have a mom, dad, and a brother.

My mom.

My mom name is lucky. My was born in india. My mom cook's for me and a stay at home mom. Also my mom has two kids named Arian and me Anisha. Arian is 14 and I am 9 years old.Also my mom cleans the house.

My dad.

My dad name is Hassan babu. My dad was also born in india. My dad don't make food he goes to food places and get food. Also my dad goes and make's money.

My brother.

My brother's name is Arian. My brother was born in Duncan Ville. My brother always plays video games. Also my brother plays with me.

And me Anisha.

And also me Anisha. I was born in Allen. I sometimes play with my ipad. And that is my story.