3rd Grade Bobcat Newsletter

Weekly Update - September 19 - 23

Tomorrow is Picture Day!

Remind your students to wear their best accessory: their smile!

Teacher Corner

We are so proud of our students. They have shown so much growth in only the first 4 weeks of school. We know it is going to be a fabulous year!

Skills for the Week

Math Skills

  • Representing the relationship of addition and subtraction with equations and pictures
  • Representing addition and subtraction problems using strip diagrams

Language Arts Skills

  • Story of the Week: My Very Own Room
  • Targeted Reading Skill: Establishing and confirming predictions while reading for comprehension
  • Spelling List: Long I
  • Grammar: Combining sentences using ", and" ", or" ", but", so"
  • Writing: Analyzing the difference between narrative and expository writing

Science Skills

  • Identifying and explaining the tools used in science
  • Explaining a scientific claim using evidence
  • Using scientific process to answer scientific questions

Progress Reports

Thursday, Sep. 22nd, 2:45pm

715 Duchess Drive

Allen, TX

Your child will bring home his/her first Progress Report on Thursday. Please be sure to take some time to discuss your student's grades and also goals for this year.