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London has amazing entertainment to visit in December. You can go sightseeing, ice skating,shop, or just walk around and see all the Christmas lights that are everywhere since Christmas is near. Their is also a variety of ways to get around if you're too lazy to walk.
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When is a great time to visit?

London should be visited during December since the holiday, Christmas and New Years, are near they'll be great entertainment. I will arrive at London on December 23rd by plane, the airport will most likely be busy since Christmas is two days away. I took the cheapest plane ride to London England from Atlanta Georgia and it cost me $416.

Where am i staying?

When staying in London I'll be staying at St. Giles Hotel. Because it is cheap costing £8.00 which is equivalent to $13.40 per night and I will be staying at St. Giles Hotel for the holidays, checking in on December 23rd and checking out January 2nd. My total amount would be £80.00/ $134.00. St. Giles Hotel is in the heart of London's main shopping district and major landmarks are close by.


A great thing to do while at London is sightseeing. It begins to look a lot like Christmas in London– the trees are up, the Christmas lights are on and the Crimbo tunes are cranked to full volume. Sightseeing allows you to have a great view of the Christmas lights


There is lots of different types of transportation to get around London for example buses, tubes, taxi, local trains, and cable cars. I will use a bus to get around London for £1.50.