Erin's Government

(Erin's Country)


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How Do People Become Leaders?

In Erin Country, people become leaders by being elected by the citizens.

Who Holds Power in the Government?

The citizens will elect trustworthy representatives to hold power in the government.

How Are People's Views Taken Into Account?

In my country, the people will vote on all the major issues and problems, as well as the minor ones. All members of society will hold a duty to vote on their part.

How Does the Government Raise Money?

The government will raise money by taking an equal amount of taxes from the employed.

Important Values in the Country

In my country, the citizens should know that hard work can pay off, giving back to those in need is a great thing, and that you should always be friendly to others, as one doesn't know what they are going through.

What Public Services Will Your Country Provide?

My country will provide the public with free education, healthcare, hospital visits, and national protection.