Animal Abuse

Jorge Salvador

Animal cruelty

This is a well known controversial topic. But the truth is this is everywhere. Some of the things done to these animals is starvation, physical abuse, and in a lot of cases just being abandoned.

A few pictures of traumatized animals from animal abuse

An animal rights group called PETA is taking action against these crimes and is getting law-enforcement involved.

My opinion

I believe animals need to be treated fairly. We as humans are not good with sharing the world and will one day wipe out many of the resources we need. All these animals want to do is be loved and live their lives.

Interesting facts

  • Dogs more in particular Pit bulls were the most common animal cases.
  • Due to genetic manipulation, broiler chickens ( chicken raised specifically for meat production) have problems walking.
  • Many animals like mice, rabbits and so on are used in medical experiments. Many times the animals are burned, poisoned, shocked, starved and even paralyzed.