Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects By: Gillian Flynn

Camille Preaker is a journalist for an unprestigious newspaper in Chicago. Her job is anything but pleasant since she has to report on gruesome crimes. Her boss, Curry who she gets along with since her recent hopitalization for self-harm, gives her a job to investigate the murder of a preteen girl and the disapearance of another one. She intially refuses to go since the crimes were comitted in her hometown of Windgap, Missouri. Curry insists on her to go and does so. Camille has to stay with her mother, Adora, with whom she hasn't had a very good relationship with since Adora preferred Camille's younger sister, Marian, before she died of an unknown illness. Adora now prefers Amma, who was born shortly after Marian died. Adora is very distant with Camille and pays no attention to her and pays much more attention to Amma. Camille ignores this and proceeds to investigate the murders. The girl who disapeared is found dead in alley. Authorities found her the strangled and beaten the same way as the other dead girl. As Camille investigates more she becomes closer to Amma and discovers that while Amma is with her mother she acts sweet and innocent but around town she is wild and mean to everyone. After going to a party with Amma and both going home tired, Camille wakes up to find Adora taking care of her. Camille, after given some medicine by Adora that makes her sick, realizes that Adora is mentally ill and sickened her daughters to take care of them. Adora preferred Marian because whenever Camille got sick she became mad and frustrated. Adora is charged for three murders and Amma is sent to live with Camille. In a plot twist, a girl in Amma's new school goes missing and found dead the same way as the last two girls. The girl had been in their house before, helping around the house much more than Amma did. Amma appeared in Camille's room later that night saying "You like her more than me don't you?" Camille then realizes, after checking Amma's room and finding gruesome evidence in Amma's dollhouse, that while Adora was responsible for Marian's death, Amma was ultimately responsible for the other two deaths. Apparently Amma did it out of jealousy since Adora's costant atention and abuse towards her affected her deeply.
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The setting is in Wind Gap, Missouri, a small lonely town.


Camille: Camille is a journalist with a complicated past. She has been hospitalized for self-harm and has a cold and distant relationship with her mother.

Adora: Adora is a very caring person especially towards Amma. She can be very strict when it comes to town problems. She treats Amma like a baby doll. She has a mental problem.

Amma: Amma is a wild preteen who hides her obnoxious and mean personality from her mother. She treats everyone rudely and uses her charm and power over the town to get what she wants.

Sharp Objects is a promising book with a plot twist at the end that will keep you at the edge of your seat!!