Henry Ford

By Kolby and Hunter


The assembly line was created for making products quicker. He also created the qaudcycle, which was not the first car created, but it was the first car he created. He also created the Ford company, which created ford cars. This procces was not easy.

About Henry Ford

He was born in July 30,1863

He died on April 7,1947

He grew up at Greenfeild township Michigan. His father William Ford, was born in Countey cork, Ireland. His mother, mary Ford, was born in Michigan as the youngest child and she was adopted by neighbors.

Inventor Information

Henry Ford is remembered for making the assembly line and made car prices cheap. Half of Amaricans wouldn't be able to own a car. Plus car companys. would compete against each other.

Impact of inventions

The assembly line impacted the way people lived, worked, and enjoyed leisure time, however, what most people don't realize is that the process of manufacturing automobiles had an equally significant impact on industry. the creation of the assembly line by Henry Ford at his highland park plant, introduced on December 1, 1913, revolutionized the automobile industry and the concept of Henry Ford was not a newcomer to the business of automobile manufacturing.


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Additional information

Ford worked, fixing watches in his teenager life. when he became a adult, he worked at shipyards, and helped repair dock machinery.