Sherlock Holmes- Death Cloud

By Andrew Lane


Sherlock Holmes is a teenager living a normal life in Britain until he suddenly has to move with his aunt and uncle. He randomly stumbles upon a mysterious death cloud that has claimed two victims already.


Sherlock Holmes is a teenager in a British school. He then moves to the Holmes manor. This takes place in the summer of 1868.

Rising Action

Sherlock finds a yellow powder next a gardener that died to the mysterious cloud. He discovers that the cloud is actually a group of very aggressive and deadly bees and the yellow powder is pollen. He finds out that the leader has been making war uniforms for the British that has a scent that will make the bees attack the soldiers. He decides he is going to stop the Baron (the leader) by killing all of the bees.


Sherlock is thinking of a plan when he is suddenly attacked by the barons strongest worker when he is about to destroy the bees. Sherlock manages to kill Mr Surd (the barons worker) and right after that he thinks of a way to destroy all of the bees. He remembers what Matty told him about the bakery fire and hoe the power burst into flames within seconds, and he thought that that could work with the pollen. They spread out pollen everywhere so they could catch it on fire to kill the bees. They ignited the fire and just as Sherlock thought, it caught quick and easily.

Falling Action

Sherlock reunites with Virginia and Amyus Crowe and tells them what happened. They all start to head home and talk about everything that happened on their journey.


They all arrive home and have a celebration over their victory. They each talked about they learned on their trip.

Character analysis

A brilliant 14-year-old who is somewhat of a lonewolf but longs for friendship. He is attending Deepdene School for Boys (boarding school) and because of his father's sudden orders to ship off to India, he is required to stay with his aunt and uncle in Farnham. When he starts his holiday, he is a curious slightly naive young man, but through the series of events that occur in the book Holmes matures and is changed profoundly, he has faced death, found love and defeated true evil. In terms of his relationships, he idolises his older brother Mycroft, he likes Matty who becomes his new sidekick, has developed confused feelings for Virginia, and is intrigued by the mysterious astute Crowe.