The Kalahari Typing School for Men

Alexander McCall Smith

Pepe Mena Carbonell

Alexander McCall Smith

Alexander McCall Smith is the author of over sixty books on a wide array of subjects. For many years he was Professor of Medical Law at the University of Edinburgh and served on national and international bioethics bodies. In 1999 he achieved global recognition for his award-winning series "The N. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency". His books have been translated into forty-five languages, and now he lives in Edinburgh with his wife Elisabeth, a doctor.


The story talks about a detective agency run by Precious Ramotswe, a girl who lives in Bostwana. There are two or three stories within the narrative. One of them it's about her assistant Mma. Makutsi, who decided to expand the agency by opening a typing school for men and about a problem with his new boyfriend. Another story talks about the wedding plans of Mma. Ramotswe and her boyfriend Mr. Matekoni, who has a garage where he repair cars with some apprentices. The last story on this book talks about the problems that has a new client on "The No.1 ladies' detective agency"


The book take place on Bostwana, in Africa, and there is where it takes all the stories. I think it's a drama but there is a lot of irony on the novel. The main character is Precious Ramotswe as i said before. She is a girl on her thirties, and she's very polite, noble and respecful. Also, she's always trying to solve people problems on his job as a detective. On the other side there's Mma. Makutsi. She's a young woman with no experience in life and she's trying to get a future. She felt in in love with a married man, but she didn't know about it. I would recommend it if you are a reader who enjoys books that talks about the relationships between the characters. It's a book of little details. I have to say too that for me it's been a very difficult book to read, considering the english level i have. But still that, I like to read that book because i learn more about the diferents lifestyles of Africa.

Interesting vocabulary

struggle = lucha

cattle = ganado

corrugated = ondulado

stove = estufa

edges = bordes

threadbare = raído

bush = matorral

neater = ordenado

pump = bomba

apron = delantal

sullen = hosco

saucepan = cacerola


The Kalahari Typing School for Men by pep646