Mexican American War

Stop the war!

What is the war about?

The war started because President Polk wants California to be part of the United States, but its already part of Mexico. Polk sent troops to Mexican land to provoke them to fight against us. This was all because he believes in the Manifest Destiny. We are only fulfilling his desires and believes. He plans to expand slavery once he wins California through war. Do not support! Slaves are humans too, they are not to be treated as objects.

For Justice!

How can we oppose?

Do not pay taxes that go in support of the war. Do not send out friends or family members out to fight. Lets speak up, lets protest! We need to make our voices be heard for justice! Wouldn't you get mad if they were trying to take your land away? Have empathy and support the Mexicans, and our men who are dying every day!

Protest for Justice

Thursday, Nov. 8th 2012 at 6am

At the Border of California and the U.S.

Bring all friends and family.