William Clark

My life

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I did not move west. I was in the expedition with

Lewis and we went from coast to coast.

My Impact on Westward Expansion

I took the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the new world. We went to unknown land west of the Mississippi. We followed the Missouri river to began our journey. I helped figure out the routes to get to the Pacific Ocean.

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny is the idea that the U.S. was destined to expand from coast to coast. I agreed with manifest destiny because I believed everyone would have a better life.

Challenges I Faced During the Expansion

I faced lots of challenges during the expansion for example when

I went on the Corps expedition. We went from Coast to Coast it took

a long time. We had a lot of hardships like storms we didn't expect them

West Settlement

I didn't settle in the west.


We made it to the other coast in November 1805. Some of us didn't make it all the way to the coast. We only stayed for a little while then it was time to go back and report to the president.

Quotes that I've said

"If it's a long ride, it's fun just watching people." -William Clark

Hopes and Desires

My hopes and desires was to make it all the way back to virginia.

To make it to coast to coast my hope was to make it alive.

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