Notes Culturelles

By: Aimee Oakes


Although there are many convenience stores and supermarkets at easy access and lower prices, many people in France still do go to small neighborhood stores. They believe that it is fresher food of higher quality.


Eating a course is a big deal in France. Sometimes, you have during one meal nine courses. Usually, for lunch and dinner you have an appetizer, the main course, a salad, cheese and dessert. For an appetizer, it's usually a cod cut or vegetables or a small soup. For the main course, it is meat or seafood. In France, they have a wide variety of meats. For a dessert, fresh fruit is most often had. Patisseries or sweets are reserved for special occasions. At dinner, the meal is lighter and often meatless. Eggs are had at dinner instead of breakfast.

Friendship & Celebration

Meals celebrate friendship or a holiday. New Years meal is with family while Christmas and birthdays are with families. Traditionally, they exchange gifts and cards. Sometimes a small present will suffice.