e-teaching at Twin UK

session 1 (11/9) - Cloud tools for language teaching

online pedagogy- how language learners and language teachers can benefit and a flavour of the tools eg. 'post it' tool linoit; mini animations with dfilm, polleverywhere real time assessment and feedback. Also intro to open badges and creating an online space to share resources (with Martin)

all week 1 resources: tinyurl.com/twinuk1

week 1 homework- to be completed by 25th Sept https://www.smore.com/63k1q

TWIN UK eteaching Week 1

session 2 (25/9)

webquesting, collaboration and independent tools eg. Padlet, Google forms, collaborative google doc, classtools suite (with Martin)

all week 2 resources: padlet.com/eteachingx3/week2

week 2 homework- listen to this discussion https://audioboom.com/boos/945879-presentations

Twin week 2

session 3 (9/10)

Presentation tools that are not powerPoint

1. discuss the pedagogy and practicality of 'presenting' information using online tools to foster interactivity

2. participate in one or more collaborative presentation activities

3. review the presentation tools and information provided

4. use 1 or more to create an online presentation with some degree of interactivity

Session Task: make a presentation that you can use with your students that includes some level of interactivity (then link to it from your ‘portal of resources’ with a few evaluative comments). Interaction could be questions/ tasks/ different media/ something to look for/ opportunity to comment

Task 1: week 3 first activity http://tiny.cc/eteach3

sample of how Google slides could be used (using icons)

Task 2 option: a. confident users review 'smore' and go and play with a tool not used before (emaze, animoto, blendspace, powtoon or prezi) or

option b. review 'smore' together - at tables- discuss pros and cons then make one...after watch blendspace demo and try either/ or to create interactive presentation

or...just see how it goes, fiddle, listen in, discuss, play, share

how to create a collaborative presentation using google slides
How to... Blendspace

session 4 (23/10)

assessment and feedback tools: eg. GoConqr, quizlet, riddle, proprofs and screencast and audio feedback (peter)

Week 4 session

How to...Quizlet

session 5 (6/11)

Smart software/ IWB session and...

podcasting for language teachers and language learners: audioboom and speaker

I need to update my audiobook and spreaker how tons but below you will find a vocaroo reminder, a read and write for google how to (not covered in session) and a link to the mini spreaker we made in class as well as a playlist from my audiobook account.

Screencast 2
using read and write google chrome app and vocaroo for assignment marking

session 6 (20/11)

Video tools: doing a lot more with Youtube, video sites for Language learning and video curation eg. storify

youtube stuff- playlists and uploading

english central videos - have a play it's great

storify example curate and collate (esp useful with Twitter)

tubechop - shorten youtube clips -see the chopped music vid below

zaption - turn videos into quizzes- try the he man one below

session 7 4/12

More IWB practice time and...

Narratives and digital stories: comics, stories and cartoons- students as creators

Storybird example



makebeliefs- easy no sign up

comic master- sign up first to save

toondoo- sign up for free

pixton- use free not schools sign up

pixton sample with ideas about how to use it


other tools

powtoon example




Big image
Martin Compton's Showcase: A Comic Approach to Learning

Last session!

Big image

session 8 (18/12)

We'll briefly talk about concepts for reshaping curricula: gamification, flipped learning, byod and social media perhaps mentioning tools such as pinterest & twitter (plus room for consolidation and revisiting previous sessions and trouble shooting) but I know how much you like new quick win tools so make your target to make at least one resource/ artefact from each of section A, B and C

Section A Polling

sli.do example go to: www.slido.com #9313

presenter's link view

directpoll example

Direct Poll real time results

Section B Image manipulation or images from words

Red kid signs

Photofunia images (also comes as ipad/iphone app)



(wordle and tagxedo won't work on tablets or chromebooks... word salad app on iphone is pretty easy - example here and on chrome book tagul is recommended- I haven't tried this one yet)

Section C - Interactive stuff with images

A thing link example 1

A thing link example 2 (both done on the iPhone app)

My pinterest page

If you still have capacity....search the chromestore for amazingly useful apps.... like "i'm a gentleman' or goo.gl shortener

Tech Teaching/ Tech Learning