Social studies country project

By Andrew Medez

My country

My country is Portugal. Portugal's capital is Lisbon. The flag of Portugal is the national flag of the Portuguese is unevenly divided into green on the hoist and red on the fly. The red section represents the Portuguese revolution of 1910 and the green stands for hope. The white shield consists of 5 blue shields with 5 white dots. The shields represents the first king of Portugal. The five dots are five wounds by christ

Geography of Portugal

A large part of the Portuguese population is concentrated along the coast. While the middle of Portugal is less populated. The country has a large number of immigrants from other countries. It is bordered by the ocean and Spain. Portugal is considered one of the world's most developed countries and it has a very strong economy as well as a very high quality of life. The country's shape is roughly that of a rectangle, with its short sides on the north and south and its long sides on the east and west. Northern Portugal is a mountainous, rainy region, characterized by many small farms and vineyards. The central coastal region consists of dunes and pine forests, and many residents of the area earn their livelihood from fishing. Southern Portugal is an area of gently rolling hills and plains dominated by extensive estates with large-scale agriculture and grazing.


Portugal has moved from an authoritarian regime, to a provisional military government, to a parliamentary democracy. The president is elected by universal suffrage for a five-year term and appoints the prime minister. Villages are run by a parish council whose members are elected by village households.


Twelve percent of the population works in agriculture , 32 percent in industry, and 56 percent in services, commerce, and government . Tourism is an important part of the economy The growth rate is 0 percent, the unemployment rate is 11.9%

,and the inflation rate is 0.6%


The family is the foundation of the social structure and forms the basis of stability. The extended family is quite close.Portuguese are traditional and conservative.In Portuguese society appearance is very important, especially in the cities. Portugal is a culture that respects hierarchy. People respect authority and look to those above them for guidance and decision-making. Rank is important, and those senior to you in rank must always be treated with respect.


Portugal is a mediterranean climate. Summer is sunny and pretty dry, but not to hot. Average temperatures vary from +18°C in the mountainous areas to +20°C.Winter is a season of precipitations and moderate temperatures. Some mountain peaks are covered with snow all year round.In summer temperatures rise up to 25 - 30°C and in spring they are 15-17°C,


1807 Napoleon Bonaparte invades Portugal.1807 Napoleon Bonaparte invades Portugal.711AD - Portugal was ruled by the Arabs (Moors).739AD - Portugal was ruled by the Leonese.1910 Portuguese Revolution ends the monarchy

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