Job Description

As an assistant editor, My job would be work with photo researchers and designers to create great art to accompany them while writing two-three stories a day.

Salary Per Hour

The average pay for a Magazine Editor is $10.75-$43.26 per hour.

Hearst Headquarters

300 W. 57th Street

New York, NY 10019

(212) 649-2000

New York, NY

Places of Interest In New York, NY

  1. Times Square- Bright Lights and Broadway Shows
  2. Statue of Liberty- American Icon in New York Harbor
  3. Radio City Music Hall- Legendary Theater, Home of the Rockettes
  4. Central Park- Seasonal Outdoor concerts in many genres
  5. Ellis Island- Museum

Will I Survive In New York ?

Yes, I would have enough money to make sure my needs were met every month and a little left over money for my essential needs.


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