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Parent Newsletter- September 7th

GCS Will Move to Attendance Plan "2" September 8th!

Based on continuous improvement to the Greenville County Spread Data metrics as reported by DHEC, and absent a dramatic and negative swing in spread data over the next week, Greenville County Schools will move to Attendance Plan 2 the week of September 7. Under this plan, students attend in-person school two days a week and are on eLearning the other three. Approximately 50% of students are in the building each day.

Press Release

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Reminders for the 2020-2021 school year

  • Mask will be worn over the nose and mouth when social distancing is not possible. (on the bus, entering/leaving the building, in the hallway, in the bathroom, working in small groups.)
  • Students will need to bring their own mask. If a student is unable to provide their own mask, please contact your child's Administrator.
  • Public health officials do not recommend clear face shields without a mask because shields do not seal off respiratory droplets.
  • Due to DHEC guidelines, all water fountains will be turned off. RHS has three no-touch water bottle filling stations. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to school.
  • Visitors/volunteers will not have access to the interior of the school. The number of visitors in the office area will be limited and social distancing will be maintained. Mask are required for everyone who enters the building.
  • Students/visitors are not to distribute food to others (ex. cupcakes or candy)

Parent - Student Symptom Check

Children with symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend school. Please contact our Attendance Clerk, Mrs. Thompson mathompson@greenville.k12.sc.us or 864-355-7815 to notify the school of a student that has any of these symptoms. Children or staff excluded for these symptoms should not return until they have either tested negative for COVID-19 or a medical evaluation determines that their symptoms were more likely due to another cause (e.g. sore throat due to strep throat). In this later case, the individual can return when they meet criteria for that condition.

Any one (1) of the following

▪ Fever

▪ Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing -

▪ Loss of taste or smell

▪ New or worsening cough

Any two (2) of the following:

▪ Sore throat

▪ Muscle or body aches

▪ Chills

▪ Fatigue

▪ Headache

▪ Congestion or runny nose

▪ Diarrhea

▪ Nausea or vomiting

Note: Parents of a child with any one of these symptoms should consider not allowing their child to attend the child care facility regardless of meeting exclusion criteria. If these symptoms are explainable by an underlying condition (such as shortness of breath or cough for an individual with asthma) exclusion may not be necessary.

Information From the Counseling Department

1.) Senior College Application Process and Transcript Requests – RHS School Counselor, Mrs. Rogers, is creating video tutorials on how to apply to college, request a transcript, request recommendation letters, and find scholarships. These videos will go over the new platform, SchoolLinks, Greenville County Schools is using for transcript requests, recommendation letters, and scholarships. Videos will be posted online to the RHS website and School Counseling website by Wednesday, September 9th. Senior students will be able to view their updated GPA and rank on their transcript in SchoolLinks.

2.)RHS Community Read – UnSelfie

We invite you to join us in a community read to provide support to our families. The PTSA has partnered with RHS School Counselor, Allison Peasley, to read "UnSelfie - Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World" by Dr. Michelle Borba. This Community Read will feature virtual lessons from Peasley, discussion questions for community members, and parent night presentations to collaborate and support our families. This book study began on Sunday, August 30th. Please find more information about the book study at our RHS Community Read website - https://sites.google.com/greenvilleschools.us/rhscommunityread/home.

If you are participating in the Community Read, please fill out the following Google Form - https://forms.gle/9NC48AgnuhvRpvVh8. Please contact Peasley at alpeasley@greenville.k12.sc.us if you have any questions.

3.)Tips for eLearning Days/Virtual Program

  1. Create a regular schedule – Determine specific times that you will log in to your Chromebook to work on each class. The more you can keep a routine, the better your eLearning/Virtual days will be!
  2. Sign in to your Daily Attendance – There is a Google Form in each of your Google Classrooms for your eLearning or Virtual school days. You MUST log in each day to mark yourself present in EVERY class. We recommend logging in to your daily attendance form in each class first thing in the morning to make sure you are counted present.
    1. Tips for Daily Attendance Forms:

i. The student must be logged in Chrome as the browser and signed in to their school account. It may not work at all with Safari or a different browser.

ii. Use the school Chromebook not another device if possible so students can see the full screen. If they are using a phone or tablet, they may not see the “Turn In” or “Submit” button that they need to click.

  1. Take breaks as needed – Sitting in front of a screen all day can be exhausting. Make sure you are taking healthy breaks to stretch, re-energize, and re-direct your focus. Please visit the RHS Digital Counseling website for tips on how to take mindful moments and manage stress - https://sites.google.com/greenvilleschools.us/rhs-digital-counseling/home.
  2. Ask for help – If you are struggling, do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Your teachers, counselors, and administrators are here to help you! Please reach out by email or phone if you ever need assistance.

Student Announcements:

  • Breakfast and Lunch information

Take Home meals will continue to be offered during Phase 2. The meals will include breakfast and lunch for the days that you are e-learning.
Take Home orders should be placed on or before the day(s) you are on campus.
For Example: If you attend Monday and Wednesday and you would like to take the extra meals, you will need to place an order on or before Monday and again on or before Wednesday. Please call the cafeteria

355-7808 if you would like more information about the take home meal program.

Breakfast is free to all students and we serve until 8:45am.

Lunch is a choice of Regular or Spicy chicken sandwich, Cheeseburger, Pizza or a Deli Sandwich with Fries or carrots and fruit or milk.

We are selling Chips and drinks in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch.

  • Attention 2019-20 Art students -- if you did not pick up your art portfolio or 3D work from your art teacher at the end of last year, please stop by the art rooms to get those materials this week or next.

  • ATTENTION NAHS MEMBERS - Students - if you were an NAHS member last year (2019-20) and wish to join again - please do so on MySchoolBucks. Underclassmen - $7 dues, Seniors - $7 dues AND $13 Honor Cords = $20 Even if you are not able to be in an art class this year, and you were a member last year, you can re-join. See any of the art teachers if you have any questions or email Mrs. Bianchi or stop by F212.

  • Students interested in joining the speech and debate team should email Mr. Dejesa at ddejesa@greenville.k12.sc.us for the team Google Classroom code by 4pm on Wednesday, September 2.

  • Any student interested in Youth in Government: Sign up using the link on Mr. Rhodes' website. The deadline for registering is Tuesday, September 8th. There will be a mandatory informational Google Meet on Thursday, September 10th at 4:30 PM. The link will be sent out via email. Please see Mr. Rhodes in K110 if you have any questions.

  • Spanish Honor Society 2020-2021 Eligibility: 1. Must be a junior or senior 2. Must have completed at least four semesters of Spanish classes (2 years) 3. Must have a 3.5 GPA or better in Spanish courses (at least an 85% in CP, 80% in Advanced, and 75% in Honors) 4. Must have a 3.5 GPA or better overall cumulative average. Member Form: Both new and returning members must complete the google form by Thursday, September 10th to be a member this school year. https://bit.ly/31LL8wc

  • Any girl interested in playing basketball this year please stop by and see Coach Jones in the gym by Friday September 11 or email her at bhjones@greenville.k12.sc.us .
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Freshmen To Take Measure of Academic Progress Exam (Updated)

Per Act 142 of State Law, all Freshmen will be administered the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Exam in English/Language Arts and Math. Most students have taken the MAP Exam many times throughout elementary and middle school. This is not considered high-stakes testing, and it will not have an impact on their grade. Riverside High School will be administering the MAP Exam to in-person (face-to-face) students in English 1 and Algebra 1 classes the week of September 8 and will administer the exam to Virtual Students the week of September 14. This a change from our previous schedule.

More Information About the MAP Exam

Student Meal Information

Warriors: Please take a look at the attached links for information regarding meals for students this year. School meals will be available for all students in all school-opening scenarios. In order to qualify for free or reduced meals parents must complete a new free and reduced meal application for the current school year. The online Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications are now available for the 2020-2021 school year and can be accessed on our website at the link below. Students enrolled in the 100% Virtual Program do not attend school in-person at all, but are eligible to receive breakfast and lunch five days per week under the USDA School Meals Program. Students attending the in-person program (one-day a week at the start of school) can receive breakfast and lunch for days they are not in attendance. If you have any questions, please contact Cafeteria Manager Rita Anderson or at 355-7808. Please see the attached Information:

Meals for Students

Free or Reduced Application

Take-Home Meal Order Form

High School 4 Day Take Home Meal Menu

High School Breakfast & Lunch Menu

Creating a Backpack Account for Parents

Please take the time to create a backpack account for parents. A backpack for parents account provides parents, guardians, or contacts with a central place to sign in to do the following:

  • View their student's information including demographics, attendance, classes, grades, lunch balances, and test scores
  • Apply or register their student to Special Focus schools and programs (Fine Arts Center, Career Centers, etc.)
  • Receive alerts and notifications regarding their students
  • View their student's school and contact information
  • Manage parent and contact information for their students

To create your parent backpack account follow the attached directions. Please note that parents only need to create a backpack account once. This is not an annual process.

Backpack Directions

Backpack Video

Destination Return to School - Parent Resource Guide - Back to School Information 2020-2021

Please see the links attached below to all information regarding returning to school this fall (Virtual and Traditional). Please see the attached flyer that gives a two-page overview of the return to school plan. The ebook provides additional details that we believe will be important to many parents. It is a long document, but has been bulleted and categorized for easy access and reading.

Parent Return to School Resource Page

Return to School Summary Flyer

Return to School Ebook

Go Warriors!

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