Spr 2018-Need a Science/Chem class?

CHM 104/105 and CHM 111/112 all being offered for Spr 2018

ALL of these classes are small (10-15 students) with plenty of individual attention available.

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CHM 104/105 are being offered as mini term classes. The two classes will satisfy the 8 hours required for an associate's degree

CHM 104 will start in January and end March 6. This class will meet Tu and Th from 2-5. Mini Term 2 starts on March 7 with the same days and times.
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CHM 111 and 112 are intended for STEM majors but these classes could be used to satisfy the natural science requirement of 8 hrs towards your associate's degree. Why take these classes if your major requires them at a bigger school where you will be 1 out of 75-200 students?

Both classes are being offered in two formats: For CHM 111-hybrid on Thursdays from 9:25-12:25 (section WH1) and face-to-face on Tuesdays AND Thursdays from 9:25-12:25 each day (section CE1). CHM 112 is offered in the hybrid format on Monday from 9:25-12:25 (section WH1) and in the face-to-face format on Monday and Wednesdays from 9:25-12:25 each day (section CE1).

When and How do I sign up?

Check your math classes (you need MTH 098 for 104/105; MTH 112 is required for CHM 111/112) and email Dr. Oliver if you have any questions.