Fall 2018-Need a Science class?

CHM 104 and CHM 111/112 all being offered for Fall 2018

ALL of these classes are small (~15 students) with plenty of individual attention available.

Big picture

CHM 104 and 105 emphasize the chemistry everyone needs in their daily lives.

CHM 104/105 sequence is for chemical operators/nursing/nutrition/cosmetology etc even though these programs may not specifically require chemistry. Consider this sequence to satisfy your Natural Science requirement.

CHM 104 is offered this Fall on M/W 12:30-3:30. Call # 10292.

MTH 98 is a prerequisite for CHM 104 and CHM 104 is a prerequisite for CHM 105.

Chemistry-the central science for all STEM fields

Big picture

CHM 111 and 112 are intended for STEM majors. Why not take these classes here at Bishop if your major requires them at a bigger school where you will be 1 out of 75-200+ students?

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Both classes are being offered this fall:

CHM 111 on T/Th from 9:30-12:30, call #10293

CHM 112 on M/W from 9:30-12:30, call #10294

Math 112 is a prerequisite for CHM 111 and CHM 111 is a prerequisite for CHM 112.

When and How do I sign up?

Check your math classes (you need MTH 098 for 104/105; MTH 112 is required for CHM 111/112) and email Dr. Oliver if you have any questions. Dr. Oliver is not teaching this summer so email is the best way to contact her.