Johnson's News

March 18, 2016

Relay For Life Week!

Next week is Relay for Life week at M.P.E.S. Please consider helping our team raise funds for cancer research by participating in some or all of the events:

Monday - Hats off to Cancer Survivors: Bring $1 to wear a hat!

Tuesday - Sock it to Cancer: Bring $1 to wear silly socks!

Wednesday - Team Up Against Cancer: Bring $1 to wear your team's jersey!

Thursday - Jammin' in Your Jammies Day: Bring $1 to wear pajamas!

Friday - Paint MPES Purple (wear purple)

Coming Up Next Week

Next week, students will hear stories about spring and use what they have learned to enrich their literacy learning. Students will also be introduced to informational writing. They will learn how to write information about something they know about as well as explore text features (table of contents, cut-aways, captions, etc.). In math, students will continue to explore concepts about addition. We will focus on exploring number combinations for numbers through 10 using objects, fingers, drawings, etc. Finally, in science, students will learn about the characteristics of living and non-living things and begin their study of animals.


Book Baggie Books

Please make sure that your child is reading at home and that your child returns their book baggie book. If your child does not have a new book it is appropriate for him/her to reread the text. Students can focus on rereading using punctuation marks correctly, phrasing and reading fluently, or just for confidence!

Student Discipline

Spring Fever is in the air! Please have a discussion with your child regarding school wide rules and expectations. Please remind your child to play appropriately with others and that hands are for helping, not hitting! Also, students need to be engaged in learning while in the classroom. Student learning is my highest priority and I want each child's learning time to be respected. Thank you so much for your help with this at home!

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