OUUC Weekly Update 6-3-20

News from the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Worship Service June 7, one online service at 10:00 am

“All of Us….Again” – Sara Lewis and Rev. Mary Gear

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From Rev Mary

Broken hearts and broken windows. The images we see now of protests and conflicts are new to some and reminders to others. We have been here before as a nation. We can do better. Some of us thought we had. Many knew that we hadn’t.

Right now there is an impulse to DO SOMETHING, and there are things to be done. For those of us who are white, I am putting two resources below that suggest ways to take action. You can find many more lists like this online. Read more....

Mid-Week Meditation

meditation for 6-3-20

Board Listening Session on Saturday

In case you missed the Board Line, please take a moment to review it here.

The Board is working on a new Disruptive Behavior policy and we would like your input. Please respond to the electronic questionnaire and/or attend a Zoom meeting on June 6 at 10:00 am.

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Quick Notes

The Administrator’s Zoom door will be open for office visitors on Wednesdays from 2:00 – 2:40 pm. (If you are asked to wait in the Zoom waiting room it is because another church member is visiting the office.) Please stop by!

The Virtual Bulletin Board is a place for members to share information about events in the larger community, ask for recommendations, and share resources. Email the church office to sign up.

Read This Week in Religious Education here.

See a list of online meetings that you might attend here.

Ways to Give - Did you know you can donate to OUUC by text message? Just text "OUUC" and "amount" to 73256. You can also donate online by visiting our secure online giving page.

Faith in Action News

Concerned Clergy of Olympia Statement: Concerned Clergy of Olympia (CCO)H, of which Rev. Mary and Rev. Carol are members, is a group of local clergy committed to organizing actions, sharing resources, and bringing a moral voice to bear on issues. This week CCO issued this statement regarding racism and violence: “Concerned Clergy of Olympia stands in solidarity with all People of Color in our community, particularly our beloved Black community whose sacred lives and safety we must center at this moment in time. We acknowledge the legacy of violence in the United States against People of Color, and we commit to actively work to peaceably bring forth racial justice and dignity.” “Our faith traditions tell stories of liberation from oppression; command us to love the vulnerable, the poor, and the immigrant; they remind us that we are all one shared humanity, require that we share and fairly distribute resources, and uphold the values of peace, justice, mercy, and compassion." “We reiterate the values of our faith traditions and those embodied in the Olympia Charter for Compassion (www.olycompassion.org) and call upon our local leadership to do the same.“

Standing Up to Racism - OUUC members continue to support efforts of the Black community and all People of Color to end the great harm racism has done and is doing in our country and its people. OUUC’s Faith in Action team, Standing Up to Racism, offers education programs that explore historic underpinnings of white supremacy and systemic racism, and ways we can work to end these systems. Standing Up to Racism’s purpose is to provide ways we can continue to educate ourselves, collaborate with People of Color to confront and work toward the end of racism, and alert our congregation to events, vigils, and protests in the larger community. Join Standing Up to Racism’s e-mail list to receive resources and alerts on ways you – and OUUC – can continue to work forward a Beloved Community for all. Contact Rev. Carol McKinley.

In the Larger Community

Learning Right Relations will be screening "The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code". This Papal Bull from the 1600s still influences how Indigenous and POC are treated. Very pertinent to what is happening around us now. This event will be happening online, and you will need to register to get a link. Click here to register for Sunday, June 7 Online Gathering. Sign up here. Download the flyer below.

UUA General Assembly - June 24-28. General Assembly (GA) is online this year—a 100% virtual event! This year’s GA theme is Rooted, Inspired, & Ready! We are in touch with our theological roots, we are engaged in transforming our faith, and we are fired up to take action in the wider world. Registration is $150 for all events. Some events, like the Service of the Living Tradition, you can attend without registration or a fee. It will never be easier to attend the international gathering of Unitarians and Universalists. You can find more information here. OUUC is eligible for 7 delegates to GA. Read more....