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CPOC's vengeance takes an unexpected turn

Video game Vengeance

June 9th 2098 Chicago Oak Brook, it seems as if CPOC is no longer non violent. At 3:15 CPOC broke through the doors of Rasmussen gaming center and went on a rampage through the building.

David Rasmussen told us that some of the members of CPOC was able to break one of the gaming machines that actually has a player by the name of Giannine Belissario that is stuck in the game! The only way for Giannine to get out is if she is able to successfully complete the game. To ensure her safety he has given her extra lives and was able to channel into the game and give her advice.

They will be tracking her progress to make sure she is on the right path to complete the game. But another obstacle remains in Giannine's way, time. In a matter of hours maybe even minutes her brain will be fried because of the intense heat and overloading of the system. Will Giannine survive?

Easter Sunday Service

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