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History- Rachel Alexander


-(economic) May 1869 railroads: Proud because now we have trains

-(economic) December 1903 Orville Wright maxes first powered airplane flight: Proud because now we have airplanes

- (S/C) October 1908 Henry Ford created the Model T (first car): Proud now that we have cars


(Political) 1882- Congress enacted the Chinese Exclusion Act for 10 years (extended in 1892)

(C) 1897- Police Countered a strike led by polish and Hugarian Immigrants killing 22 of them and 40 wounded. Ashmed for hurting innocent people.

(economic) 1917- Congress passed legislation requiring immigrants over 16 to pass a literacy test. Proud because it helped children get good education and holds them to higher standards.


(C) January 1, 1886 American federation labor. Ashamed, they made innocent people work.

(Political) January 16, 1883 Pendleton Act

(Economic) January 1, 1891, Populist Party formed


(Political) 1901- Theodore Roosevelt became President. Proud because Theodore did good things while he was in charge.

(Economic) 1912- Was fought by contenders with progressive approach. Ashamed because there didn't have to be fighting.


(Economic) 1867- United States annexed. Proud because the United States grew some.

1858- The 1st American consol to Japan completes an agreement between the two countries. Proud because it could have started a lot of drama, but since they agreed there was none.

1871- The treaty of Washington is formalized between the United States and Great Brittian. Proud because its good that they agreed.

World War I

1907- Following the Roosevelt corollary wherever it leads, the United States marines are sent to honduras to help quell a revolution there. Proud because marines helped people.

1919- January, the Versailles peace Conferena begins. Proud

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