Turning Down the Loudness

Everyday noises are killing your ears!

Noise Pollution Is Spreading!

Researchers have found that noise within an industrial part of town causes slower reaction time, impaired decision making and can be linked to heart disease. Noise pollution is growing concern and not paid enough attention too. It leaves sustained affects such as insomnia, shorter attention span, and helplessness among others.

Noise Population

Noise has become more and more sustained or expanding in society today. People have turned out side porches to theaters with surround sound stereo blasting movie sound tracks in their ears. It has seem that new technology has regressed society. In Independence Hall they had added packed dirt to block out traffic noise. Noise is spreading even into buildings.

How to Bring Down the Loudness

Escaping Deafness

Take time out of the day to find a calm quite place to remove yourself from distractions from noise. This will allow brain activity to subside and retrieve a concentrated focus. Listening music at a moderate tone compare to high doses of volume people seek out with IPods or stereos.