Chameleon Shoes!

By Ashton Gates

Your mom will never say "You don't match!" ever again.

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Changes Colors With Your Outfit!

About Our Company

My name is Ashton Gates and I am the manager of Chameleon Shoes. Our company is constantly working day and night, and we have approximately 3,000 employees around the USA. Our company was originated in Orlando, Florida. This is almost as good as the industrial revolution!

History Of Us

Are company started in the year 2013. We have been making these products for three years. Me and my friend thought, wouldn't it be cool to make shoes that change colors with your outfit? So we went to work and many people wanted to work with us eventually and we just took off from there. If my Great Great Great Uncle(Henry Clay) was here he would be the one advertising this because he was way better with speaking publicly than me.

About Our Product

Our products are shoes that change color with your outfit.These are gym shoes so they can be used for running or even basketball.You need this product because it grows with you and it matches every outfit you have. It has scales that can fall off so we decided that we should make some interchangeable parts. We work in a factory system to produce these shoes as fast as possible. You can buy these shoes by the museum that has one of the few Cotton Gins left. We can also ship from the factory right next to the Erie canal. And we support the American system because if it wasn't for that we would not have the soft cotton we use inside our shoes. We have a lot of factories in were the Louisiana purchase was. James Monroe helped negotiate for the land so thanks to all who helped.
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Our product costs $120, because of the science put into all of the shoes. If you buy one pair you can get another pair half off. You can buy a maximum of two per person because we use a lot of products that could eventually run out.


I know that our product is the best because you can buy a pair of shoes that last a lifetime and match with every outfit there is. 96.3% of the people who buy this product are satisfied with it. Stephen Curry has even signed a deal with our shoe company, and he wears these shoes everyday.

National Pride

This product will make the USA a better country because the product is affordable and lasts a lifetime. It make every outfit look awesome. It will be like owning 100 shoe colors in 1! This is the best-selling product in the USA.

Guarantee or Warrantee

This shoe is designed so that if a scale falls off you can replace it with a new one and be on your way. The price of the scales are $4 for a pack of scales. One individually costs twenty cents.