What To Know About Smoking

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All about Quitline

Quitline is a website that has a lot of information about smoking, why it is bad for you, and what you can do to stop smoking.

Here are some facts about smoking:

Here we have a series of pamphlets that we will take 1 fact from each one and put it on here

Second Hand Smoke: It is the smoke from the burning end of a cigarette or any type of tobacco

Other People's Smoke: When talking to smokers do not be critical or judgmental about them smoking

Electronic Cigarettes: In e-cigarettes there is a chemical called diethylene glycol, and it is poisonous

Vaping: A battery powers a heater which forms an aerosol with nicotine

50 things to know about Tobacco: Tobacco companies spend $41 million every day to advertise cigarettes

Stop Buying THEIR tobacco; Stop buying their lies: Black men have a 30% more smoking death rate than white people

When Smokers quit: Suggestions to help you quit; such as: Promise your self you won't smoke a cigarette today