CalYOUTH Conference Call Agenda

May 28, 2013

Dial: 424-203-8075 Code: 224529#

Study Progress

  • Completes: 327
  • Response Rate: 36.85%
  • Score 1 Cases Remaining: 57
  • Score 1 Appointments: 6

Score 1 Reassignments Coming

  • We want these cases to get maximum coverage possible over the coming weeks.
  • Case by case basis we'll review the number of score 1s in your load and see if we should spread them out.

Protocol Review: Verification

We must read the entire interview verbatim and never skip a question even in cases where you feel you know an answer without asking the question. This could be based on a respondent’s previous response or a comment made before or during the interview. If you think you know the answer, use the technique known as verification as a neutral method of incorporating that information while still maintaining a verbatim reading of all questions.

  • In situations in which the respondent has already provided information that probably answers the next question, you may preface the question with some combination of the phrases below. This technique is called verification.

  • Examples:

“This next question asks ‘And what is your son’s name?’ and you said Bob, is that correct?”

"You've already told me something about this, but this next question asks 'what is your son's name?'"

  • Notice in the examples, the exact wording of the question is maintained.
  • If an answer is different from the one you expect, do not remind the respondent of an earlier remark or try to force consistency. If you feel they misunderstood or misheard the question, simply repeat the question.

June Conference Call Scheduling

  • Scheduling will necessitate moving to a bi-weekly conference call in June.
  • Conference Calls will happen on June 4 & June 18.
  • No conference call is scheduled for June 11 & June 25
  • One on One calls will have to be rescheduled occasionally as well -- we'll talk about these individually.