Morning Notes

Tuesday 17 November, 2015

Today's PSHE Schedule

Grade 6: search and royalty free music in T01

Grade 7: sanitary hygiene a global perspective in F01

Grade 8: sexpression practical sex and consent in F03

Grade 9: sexspression pregnancy in F04

Grade 10: physics and biology lessons in B01 and M02

Drama Club Rehearsals

Tuesday 17 November: Cameron, Dada, Grade 9 girls, Ellery in Council Room

Wednesday 18 November: Ellery, Anne-Marie, Dada, Javier, Manuel, Alex, Izzy in Council Room

Thursday 19 November: Octavia, Cosmo, Grade 9 girls

Tue, Nov. 17thCameron/Dada, Grade 9 Girls-Ellery**In Council Room

Wed, Nov. 18thEllery/Anne Maire/Dada, Javier/Manuel/Alex/Izzy

Thurs, Nov. 19thOctavia/Cosmo, YR9 Girls

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Picture Day Schedule

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday 18 November, NiceSmile will be taking Halcyon’s official school photographs. These will include individual pictures of students and grade groups.

There will be no particular dress code on the day, however students are advised to dress smartly.

Please see the schedule here.

Lunch clubs

Learning Space in B01

Halcyon Ezine Club in F02

S&A / CAS in S02

Youth Speaks in T02

Off campus

Grade 11

Mother tongue


Allegra and Maga, German in F01

Akira, Japenese in M01

Gabriel and Elliott, French in M02

Martina and Mathilde, Italian in S01

Periods 6 and 7

Alex, Swedish in the Hub

Nathan, German in Hub

Thomas, French in F03

Scott and Eveline, Spanish in S02

Fra, Italian in S02

Piano Lessons


Fra in F04

Sasha in F04

After School Activities

Learning Space in the Hub

Swedish Club in S01

Drama in Council Room

Football Club at Westway

Today's lunch menu

Main Dish Option One

Lentil and vegetable curry with basmati rice and naan bread (GF)

Main Dish Option Two

Macaroni cheese pie

Main Dish Option Three

Minestrone soup

Salad Bar

Mixed salad

Chinese noodle salad

Kale salad

Hard boiled eggs



Seasonal fruits

How was your lunch this week?

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