Don't Give Out Personal Information

By: Valerie Kohler

Say No To Giving Out Personal Information

Your personal information is your age, address, name, number, school, and what you look like. 27 million Germans put out their personal information and photos online. A lot of people in the word do not know how to be online safe so they end up getting into serious problems. Hackers access over 32 million people's accounts. 9 million people have had their idenity stolen a year because of hackers.

What Can Happen When You Give Out Information.

If you give out your information to a stranger then they can steal your idenitity and it could be bad.  If you're an adult and someone steals your information and tries to be you, then you can be locked out of accessing your credit card and everything. If you go out you should only take your I.D. card and leave everything else at home. You can also make a copy of anything you need.

Identity Theif

Don't be silly, steal your own idenity!