Kristeonna Wooten

Where are they located

Rain forest are located by the equator and can be found along some coast in temperate zones. Tropical rain forest can be located in the Pacific islands or Southeast Asia. The largest one is found in North America.

General characteristics

The two types of rain forest are tropical and temperate. Both have lots of plants and animal species. Not all tropical forest are rainforest. Only a small percentage of a tropical forest can be a rainforest.


Life in the rainforest is filled with danger. They are pumas, cougars, snakes, and exotic birds. Many animal species are endangered because of loggers. The orangutan is an endangered species. It eats fruit, seeds, leaves, and eggs. It is a primate that lives in the rainforest & it's scienctific name is pongo pygmaeus.


Most plants live in hot, humid, wet conditions of the rain forest. Bark helps limit moisture evaporation from tree trunks, vines adapt to life in the rainforest by having their roots on the ground. Bamboo is the largest plant that can be in the rainforest. The rainforest also has banana, plantain, sugar cane, mace, ferns, & cacao.

Weather and climate

Most temperate rainforest are near an ocean. Which means the rain forest can have lots of fog in the air. The ocean currents also caused rain and bring lots of clouds. Because of that, fog is very common during the summer. Winters in the rainforest are mild, wet, & cool.

Catastrophic events

Many of the animals and plant in the rainforest are endangered. Lots of trees are being cut down. Now, only three percent of the temperate rainforest in the U.S. remains.