This Week at CCES

October 26 - 30

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Our campus attendance goal is 97%. This week we were at 96.81%

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Hello Cubs!

This 9-weeks, our Great 8 Skill is “Personal Responsibility.” The definition of personal responsibility is the “idea that individuals choose, instigate, or otherwise cause their own actions.” When working with students, we often connect personal responsibility to conversations and skills such as organization and work habits, peer relationships and interactions, and behavior. Students, for example, who have a disheveled desk may learn that they are losing materials, taking longer to prepare for a lesson, or having items constantly falling onto their lap because they are not being personally responsible for their space. When students experience conflict with a friend or classmate, we often mediate and assist both students in accepting responsibility for their part in the disagreement. Helping children understand that they play a role in outcomes can help them learn and grow as an individual.

Teaching personal responsibility is probably something you do as a parent with your children at home. One way we teach is through modeling. Have you ever thought about how you model personal responsibility to your children? I caught myself the other day, for example, harping on my son for leaving his room a disaster. I was easily able to list ten things that were in disarray in his bedroom. Then I went to my room. Eight of the ten things that I identified in his room as being a “problem” could be observed in my space. I could excuse my actions (in my mind) because I am the adult and he is the child. However, when it comes down to it, I was not modeling personal responsibility and modeling is a highly effective way of teaching.

Over the next few weeks, talk to your child about personal responsibility. Ask for examples of how they demonstrate this Great 8 Skill, and as a challenge ask them to catch YOU being personally responsible. This can be a wonderful learning experience for the entire family!


Ms. Nail

Thank you!

Thank you to our Cub community for all of the wedding wishes! Scott and I had a beautiful wedding on 10-10-2020 with close family and friends. I told the students I would announce my new name soon. The children have been absolutely adorable and several have come to me to say, “I know your new name!!! It’s MRS. Nail" (instead of Ms.). They make my heart incredibly happy!

My new name is Mrs. Pomeroy. I will not officially change it in the school system until next year. In the meantime, feel free to use Ms. Nail, MRS. Nail or Mrs. Pomeroy.

Upcoming Events at CCES

October 26

  • Red Day (wear the color red)

October 27

  • Super Hero Day (wear a superhero shirt)

October 28

  • Friends Day (dress like a friend)
  • Flu Shot Clinic (all campuses)

October 29

  • PJ Day (wear your favorite school appropriate PJs)

October 30

  • Book Character Day (dress as your favorite book character)

Turn the Lights Off, It Makes a Difference!

Cibolo Creek Elementary participates in energy conservation programs and energy audits throughout the year. Cenergistic GreenX Audit announced that CCES saved almost $16,000 between April 2019 and March 2020 and described CCES as a “shining star within the district”. Our campus was also recognized at this month’s Board meeting for outstanding energy conservation. We are proud of this accomplishment and know that this is a reflection of every person on campus doing their part to save energy. This means your child knows to turn off the lights at home (hold them personally responsible).

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Student Health Advisory Council Meetings

The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) meeting dates are set for this school year:

November 9, 4:30 p.m.

February 8, 4:30 p.m.

April 12, 4:30 p.m.

Zoom meeting links will appear in the newsletter or via email prior to the date of the meeting. All parents/students/BSID employees/community members are welcome to participate.

Morning Drop-Off

We love seeing our students arrive each morning! Please help everyone arrive safely by abiding by the established drop-off procedures:

  • Drop off on the cafeteria side only (not near the gym).
  • Observe restricted areas marked by the cones. Do not drop off next to the cones or before the cones.
  • Only cross at the crosswalks.
  • Check over your shoulder before pulling into traffic.
  • Practice grace and patience. Sometimes our young or special learners take a little extra time exiting the car.
  • If your child is having a rough morning, or needing a little TLC, you are welcome to park and walk your child to the front entrance.

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We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week as Healthy Choices Week. Each class will have the opportunity to plant healthy vegetables for our garden along with dressing up and showing their pride. If parents would like to donate soil, seeds or tools please contact Mrs. Zuniga @


Ms. Zuniga

PTO News

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We LOVE and APPRECIATE our wonderful PTO! They are some of the most hardworking, generous people we know. We are so thankful for all they do to support our community here at CCES!

Be sure to visit their website ( to join this amazing organization and learn how you can become involved. You can also purchase spirit wear and yearbooks through the PTO online store.

And, be sure to follow them on Facebook @

Now more than ever, we need volunteers! Although we can't physically be on campus, there are still plenty of ways to help!

Sign up to volunteer with your child's classroom:

Sign up to volunteer on a committee:

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KCUB Morning News

Did you know that CCES has its very own news station? Join in each day for late breaking news, words of wisdom and a super awesome news crew! You never know when your kiddo may make the news!

Subscribe here:

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  • Talk to your children about using the cross walks when walking home from school. Crossing the street diagonally can be dangerous.
  • Drivers should leave plenty of space near cross walks when parking so there is plenty of room for adults and children to see oncoming traffic.

  • Drop students off in the front driveway only. Do not drop them off on Herff Ranch and have them cross the parking lot.


  • No visitors are allowed on campus at this time due to COVID. You may still drop off forgotten lunch boxes and backpacks at the front bench. Please wear a mask when you are inside the building.

  • Our school day begins at 7:25 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 7:35 a.m. We look forward to seeing your student on time each day. If your child eats breakfast at school, please have them arrive in the cafeteria in plenty of time to eat and get to class before the tardy bell!

  • Dismissal is at 3:00 p.m.

  • Please have your child attend school all day, everyday, unless they are sick. Please schedule appointments for after school whenever possible! We appreciate your support making the full instruction day an important part of your family's schedule.