By: Jacob

What does the planet look like?

Jupiter is the stormiest planet int the Solar System. There is a permanent, but ever-changing whirlpool of storms, known as the Jupiter's Great Red Spot which can be seen using a telescope.

What number planet is it in terms of proximity (closenss) to the sun?

Jupiter is the fifth planet to the sun.

How many moons does the planet have?

Jupiter has 63 moons! The first 4 largest moons of Jupiter are called Galilean moons but 46 of them are much smaller ranging.
Top 5 Most Interesting Facts about Jupiter

How did the planet get its name?

It is called after the ancient Roman sky-god, Jupiter, known to the Greeks as Zeus.

List several interesting facts about Jupiter

  • Jupiter is made of hydrogen, helium, methane and ammonia.
  • The cloudy sphere has bright belts on it which change their shape.
  • Pressure squeezes the atmosphere so hard it becomes like liquid.