Peggy Lee

Bailey Adams

Childhood 10

  1. Peggy Lee was born May 26, 1920, Jamestown, North Dakota.
  2. Her Mom died when she was 4.
  3. Peggy's Dad remarried to some other lady.
  4. Then her dad left her with her stepmom who physically abused her.
  5. When she was young she worked as a milkmaid.
  6. In her teen years is when she turned to singing to make her money.
  7. she decided that she was going to be a singer at age 14
  8. she would make $0.50 a night for local PTAs
  9. then when she was around age 16 she traveled to Fargo to sing on the radio
  10. moved to Hollywood when she was 17


  1. Peggy became famous when Benny Goodman hired her to sing with his band.
  2. In 1969 she won a Grammy Award.
  3. Her voice was very distinct in many swing songs, ballads, and bigger band songs.
  4. She was considered the type of singer to understand a song like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bessie Smith.
  5. In one of her albums she sang blues and was a grammy nominee.
  6. In her life time she also got to wright for Duke Ellington.
  7. Peggy not only did singing but she also did some acting and was an Academy Award nomination.
  8. Peggy also wrote a song for walt Disney in the movie Lady and the Tramp.
  9. she was the voice of Darling, peg, and both of the siamese cats
  10. she was married 4 times
  11. Received WIC ( women's International Center) in 1987
  12. she gave birth to her only child at 23
  13. she got pneumonia when she was giving birth
  14. Peggy was a diabetic
  15. In 1985 she had angioplasties surgery (ballon surgery to open arteries)
  16. In October of 1985 she had a double-bypass heart surgery
  17. She had a stroke in 1998 so she had to got to therapy to talk again
  18. Awarded a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
  19. In 1992 she got into the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame
  20. In 1999 she got into the American Songwriters hall of Fame


Peggy Lee won the Roughrider Award for sing and acting. Peggy was the voice of Darling, Peg, and both siamese cats. As a singer Peggy had distinctive rhythm and blues.
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