Fraction review

By Gregory Sabuncuyan

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Step 1: Look at the equation.

Step 2: Find the least common multiple of the denominator.

Step 3: Change the numerator of the first fraction to correspond with the denominator.

Step 4: Change the numerator of the second fraction to correspond the denominator.

Step 5: You add or subtract the numerator and you get the answer.

Step 6: If it's an improper fraction, convert it to a mixed number.

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Multiplying Fractions

Step 1: Multiply the numerators.

Step 2: Multiply the denominators.

Step 3: Simplify if needed.

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Dividing Fractions

Step 1: Flip the numerator and the denominator of the second fraction.

Step 2: Change the division sign to a multiplication sign.

Step 3: If possible,simplify the numbers.

Step 4: Multiply the numerators and the denominators of the fraction.

Step 5: If it's an improper fraction,convert it to a mixed number.

Step 6: You get your answer.

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