Christmas in France

December 6 to New years

What is the history of France Christmas is ...

Most of the people in France believe that Christmas is good luck so they burn a log in there house for good luck, they start on December 6 to New years.

Because they believe that it will make there crops grow better. Kids put there shoes by the fire pit to get toys and fruits.

What are food that they eat in Christmas , traditions and customs and what is Santa called in France...

They eat roast turkey, chestnuts, roast goose, all green beans and cheeses.

Their traditions and customs, french family used to have three king cake with a bean hidden in it, whoever found the bean in there slice was mad king or queen for a day.

In France the children go out looking for the the king or queen , taking gifts of hay for the camels. They call manta Pere Noel.

When are gift exchange and what type of gift are they and what symbols or decorations do they use in Christmas...

The kids get there gifts on the day after Christmas eve but the mom and dad get there gifts on new years.The gifts are fruits, small toys and sweets.

They use green and blue to show Christmas and they decoration the trees out side and some people use blow up decorations. They all-so us mistletoe and Christmas tables.

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Emily Woolsey