Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten

- November 2016

Important Notices


Dear Parents,

With this colder (and sometimes stormy!) weather upon us, it’s great to see so many children kitted out with warm clothing, and plenty of changes. For those of you still in the process of acquiring kit, a warm fleece or coat that can be worn underneath the waterproofs is essential, as well as spare warm jumpers.

Please would you label your child’s clothes and water bottle. Even a simple name or initials on the care label with a permanent marker would really help us when sorting through numerous sets of belongings.

Thank you so much,

Helen and the Team

Arriving at Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

Please ensure that children arrive at Kindergarten by 9.15am. If this is not possible, please wait until after 10am before dropping your child off. It is really important that children are not arriving between 9.15am and 10am because this is our morning transition period, and during this time practitioners are working hard to maintain the flow as the group tidies up and uses the toilets, engages in circle time, and gets ready to go outside.

Many children find transitions difficult in one way or another – as do many adults! – and so we feel it is important to protect this time from interruptions and distractions. Children arriving during this period also tend to find it harder to settle, because they are having to manage both separating from parents and joining in with an already-established activity all at once.

Many thanks,

Helen and the Team

Dates for Your Diary

Parent Evenings at Kindergarten


There are now sign up sheets for Parent Evenings with your child's Key Person. Please see the sign up sheets on the door for available days and times.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Winter Spiral

- Monday 12th December & Thursday 15th December at 5pm

We are creating our very own winter spiral in the log circle at Kindergarten. On Monday and Thursday we will be lighting the candle in the middle of our winter spiral for advent.

  • Bring a torch and a blanket (optional)
  • Share carols, bread and a warm drink
  • Parents and families welcome from 5pm on Monday or Thursday

Christmas Closure Dates

Please do take note of Kindergarten closure days which feature at the end of the termly newsletter. Christmas closure days are as follows:

19th December to 30th December 2016 (inclusive)

-Last day of term: 16th December

-First day of new term: 3rd January

Thank You

Thank you once again for all your support.

-Helen, Hannah, Olivia, Tallulah, Laura, Emilia, Corrie